SheLovesBlack – Alexis Crystal – Missed Out Rent


SheLovesBlack – Alexis Crystal – Missed Out Rent

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Streamsb Filemoon SheLovesBlack – Alexis Crystal – Missed Out Rent It has been three months since your roommate dished out her share of the rent. Your patience for your beautiful roomie, Alexis Crystall, has finally reached its limits. You want to confront the gorgeous hottie about the missed rent after hearing that she’s been splurging herself on new clothes, shoes, and bags. Alexis tells you that she just broke up with her boyfriend, so she did some shopping to feel better. However, you just can’t let her have a free pass on the rent money she owed you. Alexis tries her best to think of an alternative way to pay you back. You already have all the watches you want, and your car is probably better than hers. Alexis has no choice but to offer something that you desire. She touches the bulge on your pants and quickly thinks of the best way to make it up to you. The gorgeous hottie with a thick accent takes out your big black cock and starts admiring its sheer size and girth. Alexis gives your BBC a blowjob. She makes sure to lick every inch of the massive shaft before taking off her denim shorts. You finger her tight pussy and asshole before letting her ride your massive ebony dick in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Alexis can’t help but moan in delight as you slide your big black cock into her tight asshole. You can feel her ass tightening around your shaft with her every move. The slim hottie with natural tits licks her anal juice off your cock before bending over on the couch. You tirelessly fuck the stunning babe in doggystyle and missionary until you feel like you are about to cum. Alexis drops to her knees and happily receives your warm and sticky cum into her mouth. She plays with your love goo inside her mouth before giving your big black cock another round of sensual sucking and licking.

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Date: March 5, 2023
Actors: Alexis Crystal

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